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Muc-Off Muc-Off X-1 Chain Cleaning Machine

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Product Description


  • Quickly and easily removes grease, grime and chain oil
  • Deep cleans with 6 rotating brushes and 56 contact points
  • Easy to clean and re-use
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Built to last
  • Ideal for use with Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner
  • Perfect for Road, MTB or Cyclocross bikes


Say goodbye to evil chain grime with the Muc-Off X-1 Chain Cleaning Device! This compact chain cleaner may be small, but it boasts a heavy duty construction with fully replaceable brushes and scrubbers. With chains carrying ever increasing price tags, it only makes sense to make them last. The only effective way to prolong your chain????????s life is to make sure it????????s regularly cleaned and lubed, and the X-1 Chain Cleaning Device is by far the easiest way to give your chain a good scrub.

With 6 rotating brushes and over 56 contact points to the link, this compact cleaning device will attack grease and grime from every possible angle to deliver an amazingly deep clean on even the dirtiest chains. Use the X-1 Chain Cleaning Device with our Bio Drivetrain Cleaner for mind blowing cleaning power!

Directions for use:

  • Step 1 - After spraying Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner over the entire drive chain area, fill the X-1 Chain Cleaning Device with Drivetrain cleaner.
  • Step 2 - Clip the chain cleaning device over the chain and slot in the handle.
  • Step 3 - Spin the pedals in a reverse motion 4-6 revolutions.
  • Step 4 - Remove the X-1 Chain Cleaning Device and rinse the entire drive chain area with clean water.

More Info

Time Saver - The Chain Doc will clean your chain in seconds...19 to be exact!Chain Cleaning Made Easy - The X-1 Chain Cleaning Device cuts through grease and grime quickly and easily for ultimate drive chain performance.

Buy your Muc-Off Muc-Off X-1 Chain Cleaning Machine from Revel Outdoors.

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