Great start to Whyte Winter Series for Revel Outdoors team

The Revel Outdoors race team had a great start to the 2010 Whyte Winter Series with several top 10 places and many personal bests.

(Thanks to Steve Wells for the great pictures!)

4 hour results:

– Richard Muchmore 3rd (vets), 7 laps, 4:26:20

– Richard Bettaney 5th, 7 laps, 4:21:55

– Kurt Broad 7th, 7 laps, 4:28:43

– Jamie Wightman 11th, 6 laps, 3:55:49

– Neil Payne 17th, 6 laps, 4:07:01

– Iain Kemp 22nd, 6 laps, 4:14:05

Richard Muchmore
Richard Bettaney
Kurt Broad
Jamie Wightman
Neil Payne

(Kempi managed to dodge all the cameras…)

2 hour results:

– Garry Houghton, 8th (Vets), 4 laps, 2:30:27

– Darren Styles, 32nd, 4 laps, 2:48:02

– Rob Balaam, 44th, 3 laps, 2:03:50

– Will Mitcham, 73rd, 3 laps, 2:11:34

Garry Houghton
Darren Styles
Rob Balaam
Will Mitcham

(full results)

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