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Race Report: Wasdale Half Ironman


By Sarah Wells (Southern Softy)

Sarah shows off her medal
A triumphant Sarah shows off her medal

I have to say I was more than a little daunted when I turned up at Wasdale Head, and saw what surrounded me and what this race actually entailed, I had up to this point never climbed anything other than a tree (and not a big one at that!). My goals instantly turned from wanting to go sub10:30 to just completing it!

I’ve done lots of swims in lots of places, but never anywhere as amazing as Wast Water, I could literally have swam round there all day. (1900m)

Biking is normally my strong point. Well, I was well and truly put back in my box, realising I may be ok on the flat in the wind, but I’m bloody useless going up massive hills, I now do not consider myself a decent cyclist, lol!! To go up Hardknott and Wrynose once was plenty, but to have to go back up it again was bordering sadistic. I have no shame in saying I got off to walk (or crawl), as it was really warm and my heart rate was getting stupid, and felt like I was going to overheat like one of the vintage cars that go up there!! The view from the top is just breathtaking, so took a few minutes to take it all in, and encourage the other fools going up it! Going down 30% is almost worse than going up. I was very lucky with my choice of bike, as disc brakes were the way forward. More than one person told me I made the right choice, although I was slower on the less hilly parts! I was more than happy to get into T2 by the time my 56 miles were up. (The bike section 7217ft of climbing).

Proper Hills!
Proper Hills!

Well what can I say about the run? ha, ha, I mean climb? I have never experienced anything like this, in terms of effort, skill required and mental and physical strength required. I thought I was fit and strong, and actually in some very stupid way thought I had even trained for this!! When you live in the Fens, you simply have no idea what climbing a mountain is going to be like! I was so ill prepared for this, it’s quite laughable. All the locals up there laughed at me when I said I come from the fens and that I’d never so much as looked up a mountain. They all wished me luck and shook their heads at me (thinking what a Southern idiot!!). When I got half way up Scafell Pike I realised why they reacted to me like that, I am a Southern idiot, and not done my research properly. This kind of thing is not to be undertaken lightly! Well not one to back down of anything, my thoughts were just onwards and upwards, which is what I did. Scaling a waterfall was almost a step too far for me, but I thought everyone else has to do it, so suck it up and get on with it. (The run section 4583ft of climbing).

Reaching the summit, is by far the most amazing thing I have ever done, I will never forget that feeling, and really want to do it all again. I just sat there taking it all in, feeling completely alive, more than I ever have before. At that moment in time absolutely nothing else in the world mattered. A moment to be truly savoured.

The last Marshal at the top informed me it was all down hill from now on, ‘whoop, whoop’, I said to myself, it’s going to be easy from now on!! How bloody wrong can you be, the last 6 miles (or 8 if you’re me, because you’re navigational skills are so shocking!) were hell for me. The moor was not my friend and I had many, many dark moments and learnt a lot about myself. Firstly I was really scared as I had no idea where I was supposed to be going so was ambling around in ankle deep bog trying to find markers, whilst thinking I’ve not got long before it’s dark and then I’m really buggered (yes, I know, what a bloody idiot for not being prepared). Well anyway, I managed to tell myself to ‘man the f**k up’ and to use a part of my brain that never gets used, which is common sense!! Calmed myself down studied the map and managed to find a point that looked like it may be the right direction.  Fortunately it was my lucky day, I managed to get myself back on track, and navigate to the finish. I have never been so pleased to a) see tarmac b) see lights and signs of life, and c) see my poor husband, who probably thought I was lost out there forever (he knows how bad my navigational skills are).

Finally coming home
At the end! Just before night-fall

My medal will be treasured for ever – this is not a race, it’s a massive adventure, which I feel lucky to have done. It’s such a shame it can’t be run it again, because I for one would be desperate to come back and do it again (more prepared).

Maybe I’ll have to work really hard and do the Wasdale X! One things for sure, I’ll be coming back to Cumbria, I have fallen head over heels in love with the place and the people.

(Full results)

Revel Outdoors Shouldham Enduro Race Report

On Sunday, 6th September, the first Revel Outdoors Shouldham Enduro took place in the twisty and surprisingly hilly woods of Norfolk’s Shouldham Warren.  Hosted by the King’s Lynn MTB club, the event was a 6 hour XC mountain bike enduro, with teams and solo riders.

Revel Outdoors and Cannondale
Revel Outdoors, with partners Science In Sport and Cannondale Bikes
Transition Area
Transition Area

Being an end of season event, with a predominately local field of riders, the atmosphere was relaxed and jovial, helped by the bright, warm sunshine on the day.  However there was plenty of rivalry and no one took it easy on the day!

Jamie in full flight
Jamie in full flight
Sarah, riding Shouldham for the first time
Sarah, riding Shouldham for the first time

Event sponsor, Revel Outdoors, was represented by three teams of pairs.  And the shop owners, Jamie and Sarah Wightman, joined up with Richard Muchmore to make a mixed team of three.  Results were as follows:


  • Richard Bettaney and Iain Kemp, 7th
  • Darren Styles and Tom O’Neill, 9th
  • Kurt Broad and Dick Barton, 19th

Mixed Pairs:

  • Richard Muchmore, Sarah and Jamie Wightman, 2nd
Mixed Team Podium
Mixed Team Podium

Full results are available from timelaps.

The event organisation was outstanding and Revel Outdoors was proud to be the sponsor.  We’re all looking forward to next year!

Thanks as always and plenty of pictures from John Styles (aka randomoldbloke) and Dale Batchelor.

There’s also a Race video from Steve Collins of King’s Lynn MTB club.

Brighton Big Dog Race Report

by Darren Styles

Saturday 15th August saw riders from the Revel Outdoors and C6 Bikes Teams embark on the trip south to tackle the 2015 running of the Brighton Big Dog XC endurance mountain bike event.  A last minute change in plans due to Justin Sanderson falling ill on Friday night meant a change of category for Iain Kemp, Will Mitcham and Darren Styles, who with the kind help of the organisers were allocated a start in the teams event.  Richard Muchmore and Garry Houghton (C6 Bikes) were together in the Veteran pairs.

Richard waits on the front of the start line
Richard waits on the front of the start line

The event itself hasn’t been running for many years in comparison to other XC Enduro events, but still boasts an entry list of big names and teams.  For the 5 of us it was more a case of riding somewhere different, Richard being the only rider to have done the event before so he had some idea of what the lap was like.  Held in Stanmer Park on the edge of Brighton, the course itself was a mix of lung bursting climbs, roots, drops and off camber sections that tested the skills of every rider on course.

After an eventful practice lap, which involved me having a little lay down in a steep section, the start riders, Iain and Richard lined up for the start.  Conditions were good, dry and warm with a slight breeze helping to dry the damp sections out on course.

Iain coming through the Arena
Iain coming through the Arena

After a start loop, which took in the first big climb, and back down to the arena, the riders settled into a good pace and seemed to be back at changeover in no time.

Darren staying upright!
Darren staying upright!

Myself, Will and Iain had a great time, each of us settling into a good pace that saw us in a fight around 13th place, not bad when a lot of the “team” entrants raced with 4 riders to our 3.  After cycling through 2 laps each, Will had to step back due too illness.  This meant Iain would need to do a 4th lap, something which really didn’t bother him as if he can’t ride his bike, the only thing better would be a good pint in his hand!

Garry (C6 Bikes) riding in the Vet pairs with Richard
Garry (C6 Bikes) riding in the Vet pairs with Richard

Richard and Garry on the other hand, were on fire, battling for the lead with 2 other teams, and riding very fast and consistently for the entire race.  Richard never failed to smile, and Garry wished his partner was a touch slower so he could get a bit more rest! At the last changeover, Richard handed over to Garry less than a minute behind the lead team, so with his race face on, Garry set off in pursuit.  At some point in the lap he snatched the lead, and kept it to the end, crossing the line with a nice gap and a big cheesy grin.

1st Place Podium shot for Garry and Richard
1st Place Podium shot for Garry and Richard

After a meal in a local pub, much banter, plans for 2016 are being hatched, with hopefully a few more of the team coming along!

Post-race relaxation
Post-race relaxation

Thanks as always to John Styles (aka randomoldbloke) for the pictures.

Race Report: MSG Round 7, Radical Bikes, Chelmsford

The 7th round of the Mud, Sweat and Gears mountain bike race took place at the Radical Bikes venue near Chelmsford.  Radical Bikes have a BMX park with a small woods nearby, which makes for a highly enjoyable and concentration-sapping course.  The weather was dry and hot so lots of dust and loose sand were the only hazards of the day.

Dusty faces and Ice-cream
Dusty faces and Ice-cream

Jamie Wightman, Iain Kemp and Justin Sanderson were first off for the Revel Outdoors team in the Vets category.

Jamie was running near the back end of the top 10, enjoying himself a bit too much, so it was only on the last lap that he put a bit more effort in and caught up to 5th and 6th place.  Unfortunately he left it just a little too late to contest the sprint and came home in 7th.

Jamie heading for 7th in the Veterans
Jamie heading for 7th in the Veterans

Iain, getting faster with each race, was not far behind Jamie all race, and came home in 9th place.

Iain heading for 9th in the Vets
Iain heading for 9th in the Vets

Justin finished in 39th place, completing 4 laps before deciding to call it a day.

Justin finishing in 39th
Justin finishing in 39th

In the Grand Vets race, Richard Muchmore set off in the lead with series leader, Paul Ashby only to take a wrong turn somewhere!  They were soon back in the lead though, until Paul Ashby had a big off, followed by a mechanical that put him out of the running.  This left a relatively easy win for Richard.

Richard Muchmore - 1st in Grand Vets
Richard Muchmore – 1st in Grand Vets

Thanks as always to John Styles (aka randomoldbloke) for the fabulous pictures.

There was even a video of the race, with plenty shots of our riders:



Race Report: MSG Round 6, Ickworth Park

Summer Mud!

Ickworth House is more famous for its Stately Home and Gardens that adorn the vast land occupied by the estate on the edge of Bury St. Edmunds, the home race for the Revel Team.  Team numbers were down from a bit of illness and a clash with the shop supported Womens Ride in town, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of myself (Darren Styles), Jack Styles, Iain kemp, Richard Muchmore and Justin Sanderson.

The natural woodland on the edge of the estate is more used to walkers, deer and dogs than hordes of cyclists on a Sunday, but luckily for us Matt and Graham and the rest of the MSG crew had done a great job of laying out a lap that not only flowed, but had enough in store to keep riders of all abilities occupied.  The days leading up to the event had been hot, dry and had turned the course into a fast 4 mile loop that would see lap times plummet as it bedded in.  Sadly for us, the only time it was dry on the Sunday was during early morning as practice was underway!

10am was race time for Jack in the juvenile class; as he sat on the grid a few spots of rain arrived, which slowly turned into a steady downpour that turned dry dusty trails into a sticky clay-based mess. After 2 laps, Jack had moved up from his grid position only to crash on the off camber entrance to the big bomb hole!  The resulting tumble saw him get hit by his own bike.  A nice set of bruises and a sore leg saw him retire with a bit of relief that dry clothes were not far away.

By now the rain had set in.  Luckily it stopped at around 12 but with only an hour to go the chances of a dry race had long gone.  But the trails were starting to slowly improve.

With the Veterans Race starting at 2pm, the chance to practice came at 1pm for Darren, Iain, Richard and Justin.  A nice steady start to the lap in tricky conditions was just what was required.  To settle in nicely and look for the best lines, Ian and Justin picked there way around, and returned to the grid ready to race, after removing several pounds of finest Suffolk clay from their bikes!  Darren on the other hand was out in the woods fixing a puncture, which was just the start of his troubles!  With lots of mud hanging off the bike, the chain firstly jammed, and shortly after snapped, resulting in a long walk back, arriving just as the race started.  This meant a non start and the chance to support the others instead.

Iain and Justin both rode absolute blinders – conditions slowly improved and as it got faster they both picked their way round to a season best 9th for Iain and 19th for Justin, great considering that Justin had a lay down on one of the corners, and Iain had to stop and clear mud from his skinny steel frame on a couple of occasions.  Richard had a good, consistent race but finished just off the podium in 4th place.

Hopefully we will be blessed by a heatwave at the next round in August!

Photos from  John Styles (aka randomoldbloke).

Rider Quotes:

Iain Kemp:

“After watching the forecast for a few days, I was ready for a muddy event, and the bikes on the roofs of cars leaving as we drove in confirmed it! The practice lap was entertaining, many a tumble around me, but I stopped early on and let some pressure out of my tyres, which helped a lot. A quick trip back to my car to remove a few pounds of mud, let a little more air out of tyres, and off to the grid. I got a great start, up to about 5th, but backed off a little too much, and tumbled back to my more customary 20th ish! Still I felt good, and picked my way around the accidents, until near the end of the lap, when my gears stopped changing. I stopped twice to clear the mud, but it made no difference, so apart from the odd change on really bumpy bits, single speed it was! The course was great fun as it dried, I like fighting a sliding bike, and I even scraped on to the lead lap, coming home joint 9th as I ran out of revs on the finish straight! Disappointed as could have been a better result, but still my best this year, and learnt a bit more too!”

Race Report: MSG Round 5, Thetford Forest

Round 5 of the Mud, Sweat and Gears mountain bike series took place at Thetford Forest (High Lodge), on Sunday 7th June.  The sun was out and the ground was dry and dusty which usually puts people in a positive frame of mind!  Unfortunately the organisers were given a very small patch of forest to work with, but still managed to create an enjoyable course for most.  It was generally flat with dragging, grassy paths which suited those riders who can push hard and ride in a group.

Jack Styles was the first to race for the Revel Outdoors team in the Juvenile Male category, coming home in 21st place.

Jack Styles heading for 21st

Also racing in the morning, and her first of the series, Sarah Wells stormed off at the front to lead the race with Anita Buxton.  The bumpy, fast pace took it’s toll in the later laps but she was able to hold on to 2nd place.  Not bad for a first attempt!

Sarah Wells pushing hard
2nd Place for Sarah Wells
2nd Place for Sarah Wells

In the afternoon race, Richard Muchmore came home in a comfortable 2nd place in the Grand Vets.

Richard Muchmore looking calm as always
2nd Place for Richard Muchmore
2nd Place for Richard Muchmore

Jamie Wightman came in 8th in the Vets, followed by Iain Kemp, Justin Sanderson and Will Mitcham in 27th, 36th, and 40th.

Jamie Wightman heading for 8th
Iain Kemp trying hard to enjoy himself
Justin Sanderson dropping into the bombhole
Will Mitcham powering up one of the few small hills


Thanks, as always to John Styles (aka randomoldbloke) for the great pictures.

Rider Quotes:

Sarah Wells:

“I stood on the start line with some trepidation, having only ridden my MTB twice since February! I needn’t have worried though, because once the whistle went I was in race mode. Having never done a 1:30 hour race before, always having opted for the 4+ hours, I was soon to realise that it is very fast paced with no let up whatsoever. A rather steep learning curve! I managed to lead the women vets category for 4.5 laps, but just had no gas left in the tank for the last bit, so was overtaken and pipped to the post. Absolutely loved every minute of it, and even did the ‘A’ lines every lap. Still got lots to learn, but looking forward to some more now.”

Iain Kemp:

“At a venue that has never suited me, my frame of mind was wrong before I arrived at Thetford, and things only go downhill from there! After a reasonable start, I found myself struggling to make much effort, then after having a sharp word with myself, I found some pace, then my right contact lense folded at the 36min mark, which livened up the course a bit! Some good battles ensued, but my legs cried enough on the last lap, around the same time my contact lense finally fell out… It was very tight around me in Vets, and a minute would have put me much higher than my finishing position of 27th, a few lessons learned, onwards to Ickworth next, which suits me much more.

Jamie Wightman:

I wasn’t looking forward to this round much, with all the reports of the course being flat and boring – I tend to do better on hilly and technical courses.  I tried to take it easy at the start, but with the fast and flat nature of the course I knew it would pay off to stick on the wheel of someone in a group and try to be as smooth and efficient as possible.  I did think I was pushing too hard, but was surprised how much I had left at the end and pleased with where I ended up.  The full suspension Scalpel was brilliant again, soaking up the bumpy course and letting me sit down and ride efficiently.


Race Report: Mud Sweat and Gears, Round 1

(report by Darren  Styles)

Revel Outdoors Race Team
Revel Outdoors Race Team at Shouldham Warren

Sunday march 1st saw the very welcome return of the MSG Eastern Region Series for 2015.  After enjoying its debut last summer, the Kings Lynn MTB Club were charged with opening the series,  a task which must be said they did very well.  The riders were faced with a lap that offered no time for rest, but ample opportunity to show off the silky skills honed over a winter of hard miles and training, oh and a few crashes.

Three things you need to know about Shouldham and the Kings Lynn Club:

1. Shouldham is the one place in Norfolk with some decent hills.

2. Kings Lynn MTB have a great attitude, and provide a fantastic place to ride bikes.

3. They serve up the best cake for miles! Dare I say it better than any of the Cyclocross venues over the winter!

The Revel Outdoors Race Team were represented by the following riders:

– Jack Styles (Juvenile)

– Jamie Wightman (Veteran)

– Justin Sanderson (Veteran)

– Iain Kemp (Veteran)

– Will Mitcham (Veteran)

– Darren Styles (Veteran)

See the pattern forming?  Living proof that maturity has hit the team!

The lap itself was a tough one, leg burning climbs, singletrack that only ever seemed to go upwards and nowhere that offered anything like a chance to catch breath.  In truth it was awesome, flowing and beautifully packed in from the morning races.

Jack started the ball rolling with a strong 13th place in Juvenile, a tough class that has to contend with the sport riders fighting there way through at all times.  He really enjoyed it and summed it up well by wishing the race was a bit longer.

After a slightly delayed start, there was a chance to have a sighting lap for the team, not a bad thing on a chilly windy day.

Once gridding was sorted, it was time for us to be let loose.  Veterans is what can only be described as competitive, and flat out from the start with a short uphill straight and some fast fire road.  I could see from my point mid pack that Justin had made a blinding start, running near the front until he hit the headwind.  The charge was on for the singletrack, and at this point it all slowed down.  In front of me was Will flying through the undergrowth.  Seemingly in control was Kempy, who muttered something about tape and laughed…at this point its fair to say we had got strung out a bit, yet the charge was on and any plans to ride to a plan had gone out of the window.

Towards the end of the lap disaster struck for Will who suffered a problem with his rear tyre/tube combo, forcing his retirement.

Each of us had our own battles as the race went on, 2 of us even managed to miss the all important A line at the final pit, meaning a slightly longer lap and more work to catch up ground.

Final results were,

– Jamie Wightman 11th

– Iain Kemp 24th

– Justin Sanderson 33rd

– Darren Styles 34th

– Will Mitcham DNF, but back for more!

Rider Quotes

Will Mitcham

“Gutted, after a strong winter, and ride at Winter Series 4 I was looking forward to my first race as a veteran, but luck wasn’t on my side today, Looking forward to round 2 now, Shouldham is unfinished business but a great place to ride and race.”

Will, before tyre failure


Jack Styles

“Loved it, apart from the headwind as that was awful”


Justin Sanderson

“Course was good as long as the weather continued to stay dry, which it did, but the blustery wind didn’t help and made hanging around at the start a bit on the fresh side. As usual a good start would be important and given that I was called up and gridded on the second row, which was a surprise to me, I had a great opportunity.  The race went off well but I knew that my lack of bike and training time at the beginning of the year due to illness and injury was gonna affect my performance the longer the race went on. I enjoyed the race, course and the team camaraderie just a shame my fitness was not up to speed and getting dropped by the competition that I would normally have a good dig dong with was a tad frustrating! Its early in the season so hopefully the next few races will see a vast improvement in my finishing position and that i can get back quick enough to beat Darren Styles to the cakes!”

Justin loving his new Cannondale FSi Team


Darren Styles

“Brilliant, really pleased with how it went, quite possibly the best course MSG have laid on in the last few years”

Darren heading for 34th place


Iain Kemp

“Round 1 was going to be all about finding where I’m at.  5 laps was the goal and is something I have to work on going forward.  The lap itself was great, and I had a few good battles which were a lot of fun, the only real issue was a wrong turn on lap 4 at the final pit where I had a detour onto the B line.  A charge to the finish saw me make the gridding for round 2, which was a relief.”

Iain just missed a 5th lap


Jamie Wightman

“This was my first race as a veteran, and I was really pleased to come in 11th, given how competitive the category is.  I loved the course, and am now really looking forward to getting more racing in this year”

Jamie Heading for 11th
Jamie Heading for 11th


Thanks to Dale from for the brilliant pictures.

Thetford Winter Series Round 1

Hardcore or Mad?

Sunday 2nd saw the opening round of the popular Thetford Mtb Racing Winter Series. Santon Downham was to be the location for what promised to be a cracker, rolling singletrack, nothing in the way of leg burning climbs, but plenty of opportunities too smile as the pedals were turned.

The Revel Race Team was represented by 6 riders in both the senior and veteran categories, each starting in the biggest field of over 200. No categorised race starts in this series, its just one big bundle!

With the start opening up into a long fire road, which had some deep looking puddles in the centre on the run to the first turn, position was all important, Justin Sanderson and Dick Barton chose the left Myself,Garry Houghton, Dale Batchelor and Will Mitcham chose the right. I wont say which the best option was but it was a while before we caught Dick and Justin buggered off into the distance!

The race itself was erm…pretty grim, with spots of rain as we sat on the startline got bigger, they also decided too hang around for longer than we would have liked and the lap became errr, well lets just say a hippo would have loved it!

Darren negotiating trees & mud!
Darren negotiating trees & mud!

Here’s a few more shots of race day from Random Old Bloke (John Styles) 

After 2 laps, the conditions had taken its toll, Dale Batchelor who was swapping the camera for a bike, had too drop out with an unknown problem (most likely a huge dose of common sense). Will slashed another tyre, which meant a long walk back in the rain, further choice words and the fact we had blocked him in with cars meant he was there to cheer on the team who slogged it out!

The few, or the mad as they should be known, slogged on, Justin used his immense power too grind his way round to 16th in vets, proof again that a healthy diet of beer and foreign food do power a cyclist! Garry invited me too tag along and using his silky smooth skills plus about 25% of his energy he made sure I was shot to bits by lap 3 and rode away with 20th overall being his reward. For me it was all about staying upright, I have a reputation for crashing yet the coditions made my horrendous skills look good and even a sprint finish with a King’s Lynn MTB Club rider saw  no need to visit the medics this year! 29th in vets being the reward. Dick rode at a sensible pace, kept it the right way up, and finished 51st, and muttered something about a hot tub and shot off towards home!

All things considered, we did ok, mtb in the east, may be slightly down on numbers, but its still a competitive place to be.

See you at round 2! More details of the series here.

Report by Darren Styles.

Dusk ’til Dawn 2014, Race Report

The 2014 Dusk ’til Dawn mountain bike night race, took place on the weekend of 4th October.  Starting at 8pm on Saturday night, participants raced non-stop until 8am on Sunday morning, in teams or as solos.

September had been warm and dry, but autumn seemed to hit us suddenly on Saturday afternoon just hours before the race, with heavy afternoon rain and cold, clear weather behind it.  Thankfully the sandy soil of Brandon (Thetford) soaked up most of the damp and the course was riding well.

Revel Outdoors Team Camp
Revel Outdoors Team Camp

The Revel Outdoors team was represented with two teams of 3, one team of 4, and a solo.

Dusk 'til Dawn 2014 Start Line
Dusk ’til Dawn 2014 Start Line

Jamie Wightman and Steve Heathcock were out first for the 3 man teams, with Michael Stoveld starting out the 4 man.

Jamie and team mate Darren Davis had to ride as pairs for the first 4 laps while their 3rd team member, Stephen James, returned from holiday in Crete!  But they still managed to get up into 2nd place behind the Ashbys.  Steve was sent out on two back-to-back laps as soon as he arrived as punishment!  But as usual, he was blindingly quick, and the team kept 2nd place all the way to the end.

Joining  Steve Heathcock were Darren Styles and Will Mitcham, who managed to cling onto 5th place for most of the night, before ending in 6th – a brilliant result considering Darren was recovering from a broken shoulder!

Dick Barton, Rob Balaam and Kurt Broad raced with Michael Stoveld, taking the event slightly less seriously and enjoying the evening; although some good consistent riding and some very quick laps from Kurt saw them finish in an excellent 10th place.

James Deane completed 3 laps in the solo category, but he wasn’t having much fun, and called it a night.

Team Camp, mid-race
Team Camp, mid-race

Overall, another great night out and some brilliant results.

3 man team podium
3 man team podium
2nd place for Darren David, Steve James and Jamie Wightman
2nd place for Darren Davis, Steve James and Jamie Wightman


Thanks to Paul and all the ThetfordMTBRacing crew for another enjoyable race, and thanks also to all our supporters and fellow competitors.  Bring on next year!

Mud Sweat and Gears MTB Racing Round-up

The last 2 events in the Mud, Sweat and Gears Eastern XC mountain biking series took place at Shouldham Warren, Norfolk and Langdon Hills, Essex.  The Revel Outdoors team was out in force at both events, with some great results to end off the season.

Round 7 – Shouldham Warren

Jamie Wightman heading for 4th in the Masters Race
Jamie Wightman heading for 4th in the Masters Race

The Shouldham race, on the 7th September was hosted by the King’s Lynn MTB club who have done a great job of creating a new and fun venue for mountain bikers in the region.  Richard Muchmore was once again on the No. 1 step of the Grand Vet’s podium.

First in Grand Vets for Richard Muchmore
First in Grand Vets for Richard Muchmore

Full results:

  • Jack Styles, 14th Juvenile Males
  • Jamie Wightman, 4th Masters
  • James Deane, 7th Masters
  • Justin Sanderson, 25th Vet
  • Darren Styles, 37th Vet (recovering from a broken collarbone)
  • Richard Muchmore, 1st Grand Vets
  • Garry Houghton, 10th Grand Vets

Event photos (thanks to John Styles)

Round 8 – Langdon Hills

Garry heading for 4th in the series
Garry heading for 4th in the series

The Langdon Hills course lived up to it’s name, with plenty of sharp climbs and quick downhills.  Even though it was the end of September, the temperature was 24C so it was hot and dusty as well – another great race!

Richard Muchmore was away competing in the 3 peaks Cyclocross challenge, so Garry Houghton was left to do the honours in the Grand Vets, coming in 5th to give him 4th place overall for the series.  Jamie Wightman had a last lap cat-and-mouse game with another rider, just managing to pull away with a sprint at the end to get another 4th place in the Masters.

Justin Sanderson in the Vets
Justin Sanderson heading for 24th in the Vets
Will Mitcham going for 13th in the Masters
Will Mitcham going for 13th in the Masters

Full results:

  • Jack Styles, 16th Juvenile Male
  • Jamie Wightman, 4th Masters
  • Will Mitcham, 13th Masters
  • Justin Sanderson, 24th Vets
  • Garry Houghton, 5th Grand Vets

Event photos (thanks to John Styles)