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Mavic Ksyrium Wheelset

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Black, 700x25 tyre, M11 Shimano

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Product Description

A light and sturdy Wheel-Tyre System, with high end Yksion Elite tyres, and wide and light ISM rims

“Amazing ride quality” is how our Ksyrium riders most often sum up their experience with this wheel. It’s at ease on any terrain and ready for any adventure you set out on. And this year we’ve made it even better by working on the area that matters most.

Redesigned rims

The box section rim extrusion and low spoke count makes for a smooth and comfortable ride, and now gets our patented ISM (Inter Spoke Milling) technology to reduce weight and inertia to enhance spinning dynamics and climbing abilities.

The bladed spokes are radially laced in the front wheel for improved lateral stiffness, while they use our exclusive Isopulse lacing pattern (radial on the drive side, crossed two on the non-drive side) in the rear wheel. Isopulse lacing balances the spoke tension, thanks to a wider drive side bracing angle, resulting in higher lateral stiffness under heavy loads, such as out of the saddle climbing.

Backed up by the best

Ksyrium is paired with our famous QRM bearings and axle system, which keeps friction low and speed high while ensuring a very high durability, with no service needed. For rubber we use our super balanced Yksion Elite tires in 25mm. They offer the best blend of low rolling resistance and secure cornering grip, dry or wet, thanks to the supple 120TPI casing and the carefully drawn tread pattern. And at just 215 grams in a comfortable 25mm section, they perfectly match the rims’ ability to accelerate and climb at ease. Those Yksion Elite are also available separately in 23 (205g) and 28mm (230g). Ksyrium is available in Black and in a new Black & Blue version.

Buy your Mavic Ksyrium Wheelset from Revel Outdoors.

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