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Saris Solo One Bike Car Rack

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Product Description

Whether you need to safely transport your bike to and from your local bike shop or annual charity ride, all while keeping the inside of your car clean, Solo, is a convenient solution. Just place it, tighten the straps, secure your bike, and go! Its compact unibody frame fits a variety of vehicle makes and models, just like bigger bike racks do, minus the adjustments. It also fits neatly in a trunk or closet, making Solo as easy to store as it is to use.

SARIS Form and Function, Beautifully Fused
Great design balances beauty and functionality. Think of the classic bicycle shape. Think too of the award-winning Saris Bones rack. Born from Italian designer Fabio Pedrinis love of sport and sculpture, its a work of art to carry your work of art.
At Saris we're committed to continually advancing the art and science of rack system design. Because we believe a rack should be more than just a vehicle to carry your bike. It should be something that enhances your entire cycling experience.

Easy to Load, Simple to Use
Being close to the ground gives our racks an unfair advantage over their roof-mounted brethren when it comes to loading. To simplify things further, we add conveniences like ratchet straps to secure your bike and adjustable arms and legs to easily accommodate different-size bikes on the same rack. Installation is easy, too. Our racks mount quickly to vehicles of nearly every make and model, from coupes to minivans. You can slot us into the hitch, clamp us on the trunk, or hang us from the back of your wagon. Even spoilers are no problem.

Sticks Like Glue
Set-it-and-forget-it piece of mind is built into every Saris rack. Rubber-coated steel clips, weatherproof straps, durable spring-loaded buckles, and grippy padded feet ensure that the Saris rack on your car will stay on your car. Freeing you to focus on the fun you'll have riding at your destination, rather than worrying about whether your bike will get there with you.

Protects Both Your Rides
Your bicycle and your car are among your most valued possessions. A Saris rack coddles them both. Soft rubber holds bikes in place while secure anti-sway straps keep them from touching each other, even at highway speeds.

Own the Rear
Some people want to move up in the world. We'd rather move back. Because when it comes to bike racks, back is better. Think about it. Top-racking involves a lot of hefting and straining, possibly dropping your bike, and winding up with it someplace that's out of sight, out of mind. If you haven't driven into a low-ceilinged garage with a bike on top of your car, you probably know someone who has. Its not pretty.

Now consider the back.
Loading your bike is easy. Pick it up a foot or two, put it on the rack, done. To keep track of it, just glance in the rear view mirror once in a while. When you're away from the car, a variety of locking options make sure your bikes still there when you come back. Depending on your vehicle type, a rear rack can be more aerodynamically efficient than a top rack, impacting your gas mileage and your wallet less. And all rear racks are easier to transfer from vehicle to vehicle, giving you the flexibility to keep your bike close at hand whatever car you drive. Every contact point between a Saris rack and your car is composed of soft, durable material from rubber-coated clips and custom foam-padded arms and legs to rubber footpads. Your rack remains snugly secured to your vehicle, and your vehicle remains scratch-free.

Buy your Saris Solo One Bike Car Rack from Revel Outdoors.

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