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About Revel Outdoors

Revel Outdoors Top Floor

Revel Outdoors is a professional and friendly independent bike shop located in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Committed to service excellence and high quality products, we cater for mountain bikers, road cyclists, triathletes, commuters and families at every level.

"Fantastic shop with lovely knowledgable staff, actively supporting local events and riders. Well worth a visit!!"
- Richard

"Great staff, great help and great prices - thankyou!"
- Blake

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What do you get from us?

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Jamie (Owner)

Not often found in the shop, Jamie works on the websites, supporting the business e-commerce and ePos systems. He always makes an uncanny appearance in the shop when shiny, new bikes have just arrived!


Sarah (Owner)

Normally found in store, drowning in paperwork, Sarah runs the business and ensures everyone else is able to work efficiently. A sucker for a biscuit!


Elaine (Shop Manager)

For over 8 years, Elaine has ensured our shop runs smoothly. More recently, she has taken over day to day operations of our growing web business.


Mike (Workshop Manager)

With Cytec 2 training and many years experience servicing and repairing bikes, Mike runs our Shimano Service Centre. He loves a technical challenge but hates creaks!


The newest member of the team, James works part time, serving customers in-store. A keen mountain biker himself, James wants to help ensure people get the products and advice they need to enjoy what cycling has to offer.

Revel Outdoors Events

Revel Outdoors Events

We are passionate about getting people out on their bikes, and enjoying cycling, so we sponsor and help organise a number of local events, catering for families, road bikers and mountain bikers at all levels.

See our Events Page for more details.