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Workshop & Servicing

Shimano Service Centre


Our Bury St. Edmunds shop has a professional workshop with highly qualified staff. We are a certified Shimano Service Centre, offering expert services at very reasonable rates.

Our workshop is busy, but we ensure that we remain flexible and reliable with our time estimates. There is no need to book - we offer a same-day repair service for puncture repairs, and all other work usually only takes 1 or 2 days.


We recommend getting your bike serviced every 6 months if you use it all year round, this will ensure it keeps running smoothly and doess not let you down mid-ride. Picking up minor faults during a service can often prevent expensive damage later on.

All prices include VAT but exclude replacement parts.

Service prices Basic
Gear/brake check and adjustment
Replace pads and brake/gear cables as required
Inspect Wheels
Check transmission for wear
Check and tighten headset
Check safety on wheel nuts/skewers, handlebar stem bolts & seat clamp
Check tyres and inflate to pressure
True Wheels and adjust hubs
Remove & re-grease bottom bracket
Remove & re-grease headset
Service front & rear hubs

Additional Drivetrain Clean (£30)

Re-Cable: gear and brake cables

*Can be added to any of the services.

Drivetrain Clean

Strip and clean drivetrain, re-assemble and lube£30.00

Can be added to any of the services including a gear service, but cannot be done on it's own.

Individual Jobs

All prices include VAT but exclude replacement parts.

Gear service [Adjust, degrease and lube]£20.00
Fit front derailleur and adjust£15.00
Fit rear derailleur and adjust£15.00
Replace gear cable£8.00 per cable
Fit chain – single speed£10.00
Fit chain – multi-speed£10.00
Fit freewheel or cassette – wheel only£5.00
Replace freehub body – wheel only£10.00 minimum
Replace freewheel/cassette and chain£20.00
Fit gear shifters [Fit and adjust gears]£15.00
Fit chainset [Fit and adjust gears]£20.00
Fit chainset and bottom bracket [Fit and adjust gears]£30.00
Replace left hand crank£10.00
Fit pedals [No charge if purchased from us]£5.00
Bottom Brackets
Service [Including alignment of cranks and front mech]£17.50 minimum
Fit new£17.50 minimum
Service [Front and Rear]£17.50
Replace cables and/or pads£8.00 per cable/pads
Fit brake levers or cantilevers£15.00
Hydraulic brakes [Bleed and adjust]£25.00
Fit new/Replace headset£25.00
Fit new bearings£15.00
True wheel£12.50
Replace tyre and /or tube [wheel only]£4.00
Replace tyre and /or tube [on bike]£8.00
Fit tubular£12.50
Replace both tyres and/or tubes£14.00
Wheel build£40.00
Wheel rebuild [including strip-down]£45.00
Service wheel hub£15.00
Fit new forks£20.00
Service forks [Forks sent to Mojo (Fox), TF Tuned]£80.00 minimum
Fitting Accessories
LightsNo Charge
Child Seats£8.00

Custom builds

Build prices are considerably cheaper if parts are purchased from us

Custom Build Prices
Build Bike£200.00

Please contact us for further details.

Shimano Service Centre